Lamba Alumnae Chamber

The Lambda Society

The Lambda Society is a women's honorary which seeks to acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of women of color at the University of Cincinnati.

Founded April 20, 2006 by Dr. Nicole Ausmer (Smith), Rebecca Lewis (Cook), Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins (Moore), and Trina Robinson, The Lambda Society is continuing to build its legacy. Growing in membership and unique in its programming, The Lambda Society strives to empower women of color through community service and programming while aiding in the formation of new traditions.

Amongst many, yet one of a kind ...Respect Lambda

Celebrating Womanhood, Cultivating Visions, Embracing Our Heritage


  • To empower Lambda women to achieve within their personal and professional endeavors, as well as extend minority women leadership beyond the UC community.
  • Maintain a relationship with the active members and assist with growth and execution of the organization's mission statement.
  • Provide opportunities to engage Lambda women with the University throughout their post undergraduate career.

If you are a Lambda Society alum and interested in getting in touch or involved, please contact: Christina Brown or Ashlee Carlisle.

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