Women in Law

Women in Law is an alumnae group of the UC College of Law. One of our primary goals is making an impact by giving together.

The mission of WIL is to identify and fund a spectrum of student and faculty programs in today’s UC Law School. We will also provide a networking opportunity for students and faculty to connect with alumnae and other members of the community.

Our Values

  • We are an alumnae group that collectively awards grants that will make a difference in the community or for transformative experiences for students.
  • We provide donors with a process to engage in the selection of the programs that will be funded.
  • We provide donors with the opportunity to learn about the programs and their impact in the community.

Our Membership

  • We are a UC law alumnae organization. We join by making a donation of a minimum of $1,000 ($500 for graduates of the last ten (10) years or working for non--profit or governmental organizations, $100 for current students) for the grant year.
  • Member donations are collectively pooled to award several grants to UC Law programs.
  • By pooling our resources, we can award larger grants that can make a substantial impact.
  • Our goal is to recruit 100 members to collectively raise $100,000.

Our Grant Process

  • Students and faculty submit applications for each grant period. All grant applications must propose a program that will make a difference in the community or be a transformative learning experience for students. The application will provide the funding request and an explanation of how the funding will be used.
  • Applicant finalists will present their proposals at the WIL annual meeting. A Q&A session will follow the presentations.
  • Membership votes to award grant (s) to program(s). Grants are awarded during the meeting. Out of town/absentee members' votes will be included.
  • The meeting also provides an opportunity for current law students to network with alumnae donors.

Make your gift to become a Women in Law member today!

Make your gift to the Women in Law Program Fund using the button below. Please note, gift installment options are available.

  • $1,000 Alumni Membership
  • $500 Junior Membership (graduates of the last ten (10) years and those working in the government or nonprofit sector)
  • $100 Student Membership 


Are you a student or faculty member interested in Women in Law grant funding?

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