Masters of Health Administration Alumni Network

The MHA Alumni Network was established in Fall 2018 with a mission to support the program's accreditation efforts and connect alumni. Nine alumni and three faculty members meet quarterly to strategically plan engagement opportunities and advocate for the MHA program.

Deadline: May 31, 2022

Link to Nomination Survey:

The University of Cincinnati MHA program invites nominations and self-nominations for four (4) positions on the Executive Committee of the Alumni Board of Directors. Please review the following eligibility requirements, position descriptions, and timeline provided below. 


The mission of the MHAAB is to serve as a resource for the program as well as to stay connected with our UC MHA Alumni.  In addition, we will use this group to recruit potential students.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Coordinator - Alumni Peer Support Alliance


Eligible nominees for all Officer positions must meet the following requirements:

  • Graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Master of Health Administration program
  • Willing and able to dedicate time and resources to the mission and efforts of the UC MHA Alumni Board (MHAAB) and MHA program


  • May 31 - Deadline for nominations
  • June 6 - Candidate names announced & ballot published
  • June 17 - Deadline for ballot submissions
  • June 22 - Candidates notified of results
  • June 30 - Results announced to membership


Nominations for all Officer positions should include a candidate statement reflecting interest from the nominee indicating a willingness to serve.  This statement will be collected through the Call for Nominations survey.

Again, the deadline for receipt of nominations is May 31, 2022.


Terms for officers begin on July 1, 2022, with terms of service noted below. All officers are expected to attend four (4) board meetings a year: a summer meeting, a fall meeting, a winter meeting, and a spring meeting – which are held virtually given the nature of the MHA alumni reach.  Additionally, officers may serve on committees, which may include conference calls several times throughout the year.  

Officers of the Board of Directors
The officers of the board of directors have the principal responsibility for the fulfillment of MHAAB’s mission and the accountability for its operations. The term for each executive officer is 1 year, regardless of which position(s) held. Upon completion of a term, an officer of the board is eligible for re-election for a maximum of 3 consecutive terms (3 years). After the term limit has been met, the executive board member must sit out of office for a period of at least one year.

The chair shall:

  • Serve as a liaison to the MHA program.
  • Coordinate networking and social events for alumni up to two times per year.
  • Collect content for quarterly newsletters from board members, the alumni liaison, and the MHA program, then work with alumni liaison to build HTML email to send to alumni list.
  • Ensure the orders and resolutions of the board are carried into effect and that the overall infrastructure and philosophy of the association is kept on par with the initiatives set forth by the mission statement.
  • Work to optimize relationships with the university and community leaders and to evaluate the pace, direction and organizational strength of MHAAB, in addition to ensuring financial solvency.
  • Oversee board affairs and speak/act on behalf of the board when necessary.
  • Work with the secretary to develop and produce meeting agendas.
  • Assume the responsibility for orienting the incoming President.
  • Make sure all policies and procedures of the board of directors are being followed.

Vice President
The vice-chair shall:

  • Take the lead on alumni data collection to support accreditation purposes.
  • Connect with alumni and update contact and employment information.
  • Utilize social media platforms and communication avenues including but not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and partnership with alumni liaison to send emails to MHA alumni.
  • Assume the responsibility for orienting the incoming Vice President.

The secretary shall:

  • Schedule board meetings four times per year.
  • Manage and distributes minutes of the board meetings, maintains records and ensures effective management of the board’s records.
  • Send finalized meeting minutes to the President, who will then send them to the MHA program to save in University of Cincinnati Dropbox archives.
  • Keep accurate records and shall work directly with MHAAB to ensure that the Board is in compliance with all university regulations.
  • Be familiar with MHAAB’s bylaws and any pertinent university literature to note applicability during meetings.
  • Collect and deposit any outgoing member's materials and documents into the MHAAB archives.
  • Assumes the responsibility for orienting the incoming secretary.

Coordinator - Alumni Peer Support Alliance
The coordinator shall:

  • Recruit and manage alumni interested in serving as mentors.
  • Manage students interested in having a professional mentor.
  • Connect alumni and students in 2-year relationships throughout a student’s tenure in the MHA program.
  • Work with a faculty member who focuses on mentorship opportunities.
  • Assume the responsibility for orienting the incoming Mentorship Coordinator.

Questions? Email Lauree Handlon, President of the MHA Alumni Board. 

President: Lauree Handlon '17

Vice President: Teri Werder ’18

Secretary: Shayna McGee '19

Mentorship Coordinator: Francis de la Cruz ’20

For more information about the MHA Alumni Network, email Anna Gormley, Program Director of Alumni & Donor Experience.

Headshot of Briana Coggins, A&S '10, '20

Briana Coggins, A&S '10, '20

Director of Alumni & Donor Experience, College of Medicine