A&S Alumni Awards

College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Awards

Each year the college honors exceptional alumni who have made a significant mark on their professions, communities and UC. Honorees are nominated by their fellow alumni or faculty and chosen by the college. Four awards are formally celebrated each spring as part of our newly redesigned – A Night with A&S

We have a rolling nomination process, and you are able to nominate an A&S alumnus year-round. All nominations received by August 1 will be considered for the upcoming year's award cycle and any nominations received afterward will be held over until the following year. We also retain all previous nominations on file for three years.

We encourage you to review the award descriptions and use the form below to make a nomination.

Distinguished Alumni Award: An established alumnus who is outstanding in their chosen field of endeavor and has made significant contributions that benefit the community, state, nation, college or university. Ideally, this person has been actively involved in the betterment of the UC community. This person will also be recognized at the UC Alumni Celebration as part of Alumni Week in the spring.

Philanthropist of the Year: An alumnus who has been highly engaged in philanthropic activities at the College of Arts and Sciences or made a significant impact in the college.

Special Achievement: This award is given to an alumnus of the College of Arts and Sciences on the basis of notable achievement in their field, continued service, and involvement with the university and community. 

Outstanding Young Alumni Award: An alumnus who graduated within the last decade with significant achievements within their chosen field of endeavor, and who is also actively involved with UC in some capacity.

Nominate a UC A&S Alumnus

Please complete the form below to nominate a deserving candidate for a College of Arts & Sciences Alumni Award.

All nominations are kept on file and will be automatically reconsidered each year for up to three years.

William C. Judd, Biology and Biochemistry '14
Maurice B. Stewart, Organizational Leadership ’16
John S. Michelman, PhD, Chemistry ’60

Doug van der Zee '84, Political Science
Sarah Curry Rathel '05, Communication
Janet Gilligan Abaray '79, English

Paul Kruchoski '10, Interdisciplinary Studies
Glen Weissenberger '69, Philosophy

Ciera A. Graham, PhD ’15, Social Sciences
Norikazu “Tom” Tsuchiya ’95, Classics

Elizabeth A. Murray, PhD ’88, ’93, Anthropology
Col. Timothy A. Adam ’86, Mathematics

Gisela “Gigi” Escoe, PhD ’83, Physics
Richard “Dick” Friedman ’68, Philosophy
Frederick K. Merkel, MD ’57, Zoology
Urban F. Meyer ’86, Psychology
Mary K. Sargent ’45, Chemistry

Mila Baker, PhD '75, '78, '82, Psychology
Diane Grob Schmidt, PhD ’81, Chemistry

John Thaeler ’79, Geology
Valerie Hotchkiss, PhD ’82, Classics

Joseph E. DiGenova '67, Political Science
William Harrison, PhD '74, Geology
Linda Harrison '70, '72, Geology
David P. Witte, MD '74, Biology

D. David Altman '68, Political Science
Matthew J. Doyle, PhD '81, '83, Chemistry
Steven Tracy, PhD '77, '80, '85, English

Linda Bennett, PhD ’74, ’78, '81, English
Aureal T. Cross, PhD ’41, '43 Geology
Jack Laub '50, Psychology

Rabbi Sally J. Priesand '68, English
Hon. John A. West '66, History

Merrill Goozner '75, History
Walt Handelsman '79, General Studies
Thomas Heckler, PhD '81, Chemistry

C. David Allis, PhD '73, Biology
Benjamin Gettler '45, HON ’03, Economics
Hon. Mark Painter '70, Political Science
Barbara Shailor, PhD '71, '75, Classics
Stephen G. Wells, PhD '73, '76, Geology

Michele Paludi, PhD '78, '80, Psychology
John Schneider '70, '73, Economics, Political Science
Patricia Glass Schuman '63, English
Phillip Yeager '51, Economics

Dennis D. Berkey, PhD '74, Mathematics
Daniel F. Danzl, MD '72, Biology
Fred L. Fricke, Jr. '62, '69, Chemistry
Margaret J. "Peg" Valentine '71, Romance Languages and Literatures
Margaret M. Zeigler, PhD '92, '92, '95, Geology, Geography

NeeOo W. Chin, MD '77, Psychology
Michael B. Coleman '77, Political Science
Stuart G. Hoffman, PhD '73, '75, Economics
Donna C. Kurtz, PhD ’64, Classics
William T. Weaver '76, Political Science

Diane F. Halpern, PhD '77, '79, Psychology
Sidney Peerless, MD '44, ‘45
Hon. Stephen M. McNamee '64, History
Laurence H. Lattman, PhD '51, '53, Geology
Marian A. Spencer '42, HON ’06, English

Sam Harrell, PhD '64, Chemistry
Thomas E. Murphy '64, '67, Economics