Class of 1973

Class of 1973

Congratulations to the Class of 1973 for arriving at a great milestone as a Bearcat: 50 years since graduating from the University of Cincinnati!

Welcome to the home of the University of Cincinnati’s Class of 1973! We are excited to mark this milestone with you and your classmates and celebrate five decades since you graduated from your alma mater. Looking back, this class bore witness to many interesting times and watershed moments in our nation’s and UC’s history: Campus closing in 1970, the Vietnam War, the introduction of women’s intercollegiate sports, welcoming astronaut Neil Armstrong to UC as a faculty member, and going from one legendary university president (Langsam) to another (Bennis).

Richard Nixon inaugurated to a second term

Richard Nixon inaugurated to a second term

World Trade Center opens in NYC

World Trade Center opens in NYC

The Godfather wins Academy Award for Best Picture

The Godfather wins Academy Award for Best Picture

This website is designed specifically to commemorate the Class of 1973 members reaching their Golden Anniversary. This is one of many available tools to connect you back to your university and  your classmates. By periodically checking this site, you will find events and other engagement opportunities specifically catering to you and your interests. You are also invited to join our Golden Bearcats Society Facebook group for more up-to-date news and happenings.

Warren C. Bennis, UC’s 22nd president

Warren C. Bennis, UC’s 22nd president

Students braving the rain on campus

Students braving the rain on campus

Deep conversation in the dining hall

Deep conversation in the dining hall

The UC Alumni Association is looking for interesting stories from the Class of 1973. Who was your favorite professor and how did they impact your life? What was your favorite place to hang out on or around campus? Tell us about your time at UC to be shared with your classmates… you can even upload pictures from your college days! Use the button below to share your stories.

Upcoming Events

Homecoming Weekend
Friday and Saturday, October 7-8, 2022

Golden Bearcats Society Homecoming Parade Grandstand
Saturday, October 8, 2022
Time: TBA
Availability is limited, so register early!

Alumni Week
April 17-22, 2023

Save the Date: Class of 1973 50th Anniversary Reunion
Saturday, April 22, 2023
Registration will open January 2023

Class of 1973
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If you have any questions about the Class of 1973 50th anniversary reunion, please contact Justin Gibson, Program Director for Diversity Outreach and Engagement, at or (513) 556-4312.

Abouelghar, Hashem (CEAS)

Adams (Jacobson), Dorothy (CECH)

Adams, Robert (Univ)

Adele (Kohrman), Hilary (A&S)

Adkins, John (Law)

Ahr, Robert (Eve)

Albanese, Anthony (Eve)

Alering, Ralph (Eve)

Alexander, Beatrice (Eve)

Alexander, Bruno (Eve)

Allen, James (Univ)

Allen, Quentin (DAAP)

Allen, Walter (A&S)

Allen, William (CAHS)

Allen, Zeb (Eve)

Alley, James (CECH)

Allyn, Compton (Bus)

Ames-Klein (Rood), Susan (Bus)

Anderegg, James (CEAS)

Anderson, Guy (CECH)

Anderson, Irvine (A&S)

Anderson, Walter (CEAS)

Andres, David (CEAS)

Andrews (Warner), Edith (A&S)

Andrews, Jack (CECH)

Angi, Bela (CECH)

Armor (Keuthan), Priscilla (DAAP)

Arnow, Murray (A&S)

Aronoff, St(Eve)n (A&S)

Arwine (Debnar), Kathryn (CECH)

Aspinwall, James (Bus)

Atsalis, Theodore (CCM)

Augur, James (Eve)

Babel, Robert (CEAS)

Bagby, Joseph (CECH)

Bahlman, Howard (Eve)

Bainum, Gary (TCAC)

Bair, Roy (A&S)

Baker (Burris), Karen (A&S)

Baker (McCree), Rachel (CECH)

Balash, Albert (A&S)

Ballantine, Percy (Med)

Banks, Timothy (Eve)

Banta, Fred (Eve)

Bao, Frank (A&S)

Barcelona (Taylor), Constance (Bus)

Barker, Barbara (A&S)

Barker, Scott (Bus)

Barkley (Elder) , Alice (CECH)

Barksdale, James (CECH)

Barksdale, Norman (Bus)

Barnaky, Robert (CEAS)

Barnard, Roger (Med)

Barnett (Johnson), Cynthia (CECH)

Bash, Israella (Eve)

Bates, Donald (UCBA)

Bates, Leslie (DAAP)

Baughman, Michael (CEAS)

Baxter, Roger (Bus)

Beam, David (TCAC)

Beard, Harry (Univ)

Beardmore, Richard (CEAS)

Bearhs, Douglas (Eve)

Beaver (McDonough), Maura (UCBA)

Beck, B(Eve)rly (CECH)

Beckham, Stuart (Eve)

Bedel, Dennis (Univ)

Beebe (Zellner), Donna (UCBA)

Beem, Kenneth (A&S)

Beiting (Yost), Catherine (CAHS)

Bell (Read), Judith (A&S)

Bellingham, Roger (Eve)

Belskis, Mary (Eve)

Bentley (Strawser), Ronald (Univ)

Bergdoll, Edwin (Eve)

Berkoff, Jeffrey (CECH)

Bernard, Roger (CEAS)

Bernes, Valerie (CCM)

Bessler, Paul (Univ)

Best, Barry (Eve)

Better, Stanley (DAAP)

Betts, A. Raymond (DAAP)

Betz, Wayne (Bus)

Beyersdorfer, John (Bus)

Bicknell, Kenneth (Eve)

Bien, Ronald (Univ)

Binder, Louis (Univ)

Binkley, James (CECH)

Bissmeyer, Daniel (Eve)

Blackburn, James (CEAS)

Blair, Cheryl (Univ)

Bock, Thomas (UCBA)

Boehm (Theony), Eleanor (CECH)

Boerger (Jung), Arlene (Eve)

Bohnlein, Gary (CECH)

Bolce, Louis (A&S)

Bonar, Larry (CEAS)

Bonomini, St(Eve)n (A&S)

Borcherding (Law)rence (CECH)

Botts, Peggy (CECH)

Boudousquie (Whetsel), Julie (Bus)

Bowling, J. Paul (Bus)

Bowman, James (CECH)

Boyce, Daniel (Eve)

Brackett, Kim (Med)

Bradford, Leslie (DAAP)

Bragaw, Rexford (Law)

Brakman, Jay (CEAS)

Bramlage, Gorbett (A&S)

Brandenburg (David), Anna (CECH)

Brandt, Robert (CECH)

Brennan, Rose Marie (A&S)

Brennen, Malcolm (Eve)

Bresnahan, Hugh (A&S)

Bridgeford, William (Univ)

Bridges, James (Eve)

Brillinger, Siegfried (Eve)

Bringolf-Smith, Sylvia (Univ)

Broad, James (A&S)

Brown, Alberta (Univ)

Brown (Byrd), Bettye (Univ)

Brown, Lionel (CECH)

Browning, Jack (CECH)

Brueckner, Edward (DAAP)

Bruemmer, Louis (Bus)

Brunetto, Joseph (A&S)

Brunner, Jerold (Eve)

Bryant (Spottswood), Irene (DAAP)

Bryant, Juanita (Univ)

Buck (Gallo), Mary (CCM)

Buckley, Dennis (Law)

Buhrer (Buhrer), Karen (CAHS)

Buller, Norbert (CECH)

Burch, Michael (A&S)

Burdick, Harry (CAHS)

Burke, Bernadet (Univ)

Burke, James (CEAS)

Burkhardt, Donald (Bus)

Burress, Rodney (Bus)

(Bus)se, Bruce (Bus)

(Bus)sman, Mary (Eve)

Butz, James (Univ)

Buxton, John (Eve)

Cable, Lois (TCAC)

Cahall, Thomas (CCM)

Cahill, John (A&S)

Caldwell, Thomas (CEAS)

Cales, Frank (Bus)

Calhoun (North), Thelma (Univ)

Caliman (Johnson), Laura (CECH)

Campbell, Beatrice (CECH)

Campbell, Catherine (Eve)

Cane, Bruce (A&S)

Caplan, Stephen (Bus)

Carr, Charles (CECH)

Carrigan, John (CEAS)

Carson, Arch (A&S)

Carter, Alan (CECH)

Carter, Donald (A&S)

Caseldine, Marion (Eve)

Cassin, John (A&S)

Castelluccio, Richard (CECH)

Centa, Raymond (Eve)

Chace, James (A&S)

Champer, Leonard (A&S)

Chaney (Sandmann), Patricia (CECH)

Chapman, James (DAAP)

Chapman, Jean (CECH)

Chen, Chu (CEAS)

Chen, Pocheng (CEAS)

Chenault, Elton (CEAS)

Chernoff, Dave (A&S)

Chidester, William (CEAS)

Childers, Craig (A&S)

Chmielewski, Joseph (Bus)

Cholak, Robin (CECH)

Christiansen, Carl (CECH)

Christophersen, James (Eve)

Church, William (Law)

Cichowlas, Rita (Eve)

Cicmanec, John (Med)

Clark (Osterday), Ann (Univ)

Clark, Charles (CAHS)

Clark, David (Law)

Clark, Robert (CECH)

Clark, Thomas (Univ)

Clarke, Bernard (UCBA)

Clay, Patricia (A&S)

Clay, Roger (CEAS)

Clayton, Thomas (Eve)

Clift, Thomas (Eve)

Clingman, Charles (CEAS)

Cobb, Michael (CECH)

Cole, Donna (CECH)

Cole, Raynold (Eve)

Coleman, John (Eve)

Colley, Joseph (Eve)

Colley, Terrence (CECH)

Collier (Pitts), Lois (Nurs)

Collins, John (CECH)

Collins, William (Eve)

Combs, B(Eve)rly (UCBA)

Conlon, Patrick (Univ)

Conly, Daniel (A&S)

Connelly, Karen (A&S)

Conrad (Burns), Emily (Univ)

Considine, Francis (A&S)

Cook, Ann (Nurs)

Cook, James (Eve)

Cooke, Robert (Eve)

Cooper, Robert (Eve)

Cooper, St(Eve) (A&S)

Coors, Richard (Univ)

Cordell, David (CECH)

Cordrey, Gregory (UCBA)

Corgan, Randall (CECH)

Cormendy (Kihm), Susan (CECH)

Corson, Kathy (Univ)

Coryell, Kirby (CEAS)

Cozart, Jerome (CECH)

Crawford, James (Eve)

Crawford, Wallace (Bus)

Creager, William (Bus)

Cremer, Robert (TCAC)

Crisler, Doris (Eve)

Crombie, J. Roger (A&S)

Crosby (Hamilton), Dona (CECH)

Crowley, Robert (A&S)

Cruea, Ronald (A&S)

Culbertson, Marcia (A&S)

Cunningham, Richard (Bus)

Curie, Generose (Univ)

Curl (Sutermaster), Kathy (A&S)

Curley, Andrew (Bus)

Curnayn, Ronald (Eve)

Cusher, James (Bus)

Cushing, Robert (Eve)

Dacres, Comer (Eve)

Daigle, David (CECH)

Dainty, Louis (Eve)

Daly, William (Eve)

Daniels, Ronald (Eve)

Darkoch, Stephen (DAAP)

Daum, Kenneth (Univ)

Davidson, Gerald (CECH)

Davidson, June (CECH)

Davies, Roderick (CEAS)

Davis, Frederick (Eve)

Davis, Joseph (Eve)

Davis, Larry (CECH)

Day, James (Eve)

DeBurger, Michael (Univ)

Deis, Larry (Law)

DeLaney, Joseph (Eve)

Desalvo, John (UCBA)

Dettmer, Richard (UCBA)

DeWert (Dewert), Jacquelyn (CECH)

Dewey (Weideman), Jacquelyn (Eve)

Diamond, Peter (A&S)

Dickerson (McCollom), Dorothy (CECH)

Dicks, Douglas (Univ)

Dierken, David (CEAS)

Dill, Gordon (CEAS)

Dismukes, James (Univ)

Dixon, Royse (CECH)

Dockus (Tettenborn), Carlene (UCBA)

Dodd, Bruce (CECH)

Dolan, William (Eve)

Donahue, William (Eve)

Donovan, John (Eve)

Doten, Charles (A&S)

Doud, Patricia (Eve)

Drescher, Vincent (Univ)

Driscoll, Daniel (Eve)

Duclaux, Milton (Bus)

Duesing, Allen (CECH)

Duffey, Thomas (Bus)

Duguay (Duguay), Janet (CECH)

Dumat (Swann), Linda (Nurs)

Dumrese, Charles (CECH)

Dunham (Ruby), Diane (Univ)

Dunlap, Emma (CECH)

Dunn, Constance (CECH)

Dunn, John (CECH)

Dunseth, Robert (CECH)

Durchholz, Patricia (A&S)

Durden, Erma (Eve)

Earls, Andrew (Eve)

Early, Ronald (Bus)

Eastes (Lott), Nelda (CECH)

Eckstein, Joseph (CEAS)

Edgell (Gordon), Jane (CECH)

Edrich, Charles (Eve)

Edwards, Mary (CECH)

Effler, Robert (A&S)

Eger, Robert (Eve)

Ekstrum, Jacqueline (Univ)

Ellerhorst, John (Bus)

Elliott, Robert (Eve)

Ellis, Robert (Bus)

Elsasser (Law)rence (CECH)

Endress, Mary (CECH)

Engle, Michael (CECH)

Enzweiler, Virginia (CECH)

Epps, Billy (A&S)

Erickson, David (Bus)

Erlandson, Bruce (A&S)

Ernst, Michael (TCAC)

Escamilla, Dionisio (CECH)

Escamilla, Rosario (CECH)

Evans, Alice (TCAC)

Evans, Billie (Eve)

Evans, Charles (Pharm)

Evans, John (CEAS)

Fairall, Craig (CCM)

Falkenstein, Alois (Med)

Fannin (Pennington) , Jean (CECH)

Fansler, William (Eve)

Fantetti, Hubert (Eve)

Faris, Mary (CECH)

Farrell (Law)rence (Eve)

Farris, James (Univ)

Faulkner, James (Pharm)

Faulkner, Odessa (CECH)

Faxon, Charles (A&S)

Fecher, William (Eve)

Fehl, Allen (Eve)

Feie (Koester), Anne (DAAP)

Feie, Robert (DAAP)

Feinthel, Edward (Eve)

Felchner, William (CECH)

Fennell, Clem (CECH)

Ferguson, John (CECH)

Fernandez, George (CEAS)

Ferneding, Donna (Eve)

Ferris, William (DAAP)

Fink, Stuart (DAAP)

Fisher, Michael (Bus)

Fisher, Randall (Bus)

Fitch, Eugenia (Eve)

Fitzgerald (Mills), Marcia (CECH)

Fogwell (Bach), Sharon (CAHS)

Foley, Kathleen (Univ)

Forchione, Michael (Bus)

Foreman, Robert (Med)

Forney, George (Eve)

Foster, Ronald (CAHS)

Fowler, William (Law)

Frank, James (Bus)

Frank, Robert (CECH)

Frankel (Arenburg), Terry (Univ)

Frazier, Joe (CEAS)

Frazier, Jolene (CECH)

Frech, Robert (Univ)

Freeman, David (Bus)

Fricker, John (Eve)

Friday, James (Bus)

Frieburger, William (A&S)

Fries, David (Eve)

Fulkerson, John (Univ)

Fulton, Kenneth (A&S)

Gaffney, James (CECH)

Galbraith, Barry (Bus)

Gamble, Kathy (Law)

Gandolph, Jane (CCM)

Garman, Dean (Eve)

Garrard, Allen (CEAS)

Garson (Stanczak), Cheryl (Univ)

Gartig (Rees), Barbara (A&S)

Gartner, Edward (CEAS)

Gavurnik, Geoffrey (CCM)

Gay, Robert (Eve)

Gehring, Ronald (Bus)

Gelwicks (Hartzell), Frances (A&S)

Geroski, Marian (Eve)

Ghering, James (CEAS)

Gibson, Jay (A&S)

Gilkeson, Keith (CEAS)

Gill (McCarthy), Catherine (A&S)

Giller, Molly (CECH)

Ginn, Charles (Univ)

Ginter, Mark (Univ)

Glaspie, Janice (CECH)

Glatfelter (Lance), Lenora (CECH)

Glick, Donald (A&S)

Glidewell, Gerald (Eve)

Godar, John (A&S)

Golden, Stephen (Univ)

Golder, Mildred (UCBA)

Goode, Iris (A&S)

Goodman, William (Univ)

Goodwin, Thomas (Eve)

Gordon, Michael (Bus)

Gorman, Patrick (A&S)

Gottmer (Lynch), Mary (Univ)

Grant (Smith), Christine (CECH)

Grant, George (CEAS)

Gray, William (CEAS)

Green, Thomas (Eve)

Greer, Donald (Eve)

Groene, Donn (Bus)

Gross, Curtis (Eve)

Grubman, Ira (A&S)

Guest (Brewer), Carol (A&S)

Gundrum (Law)rence (Eve)

Guseman, Gregory (Bus)

Gustafson, Robert (A&S)

Hagarty, Daniel (Eve)

Haines, Jack (CECH)

Haines (Edgerton), Martha (A&S)

Hall (Schuler), Dorothy (CECH)

Hall, Jon (CECH)

Hamilton, William (Eve)

Hammer, Frank (Med)

Hammonds, Philip (TCAC)

Hancock (Sommers), Suzanne (CECH)

Handley, Wayne (Bus)

Hanigosky, Michael (Bus)

Hardin, Warren (CECH)

Hardy, Donald (Eve)

Harlan, Jeff (Univ)

Harris, Mary (Eve)

Harrison, Raymond (Bus)

Harrison, Roscoe (Eve)

Harsney, Karl (CCM)

Hart, Mary (A&S)

Hasselbeck, Gary (Univ)

Hattan, Wilbur (TCAC)

Hazelwood, David (Univ)

Head, Jonathan (Med)

Heheman, Robert (Eve)

Heidelman (Gillespie), Nancy (A&S)

Hellmann (Scott), Barbara (A&S)

Helton, James (Bus)

Hembree, Nelson (A&S)

Hemmerly, Rodney (CEAS)

Hensley, James (CEAS)

Heppner, Theodore (CCM)

Herbold, Robert (CECH)

Herby, Clinton (Bus)

Hercher, Ralph (Eve)

Hernton (Camper), Gloria (DAAP)

Heslar, James (Bus)

Hess, Frederick (Bus)

Hetteberg (Taylor), Carol (Nurs)

Heurich, Dennis (Eve)

Hickey, Thomas (A&S)

Hill, Hobert (Eve)

Hillard (Steele), Betty (CECH)

Hilvers-Noble (Hilvers), Mary (Univ)

Hines, Philip (Pharm)

Hinken, W. Scott (DAAP)

Hitchcock, David (CEAS)

Hofer, Ronald (Eve)

Hoffman, Charles, Hon

Hofmann, John (Law)

Holder, James (A&S)

Holman, Edward (Bus)

Holmes (Ward), Barbara (CECH)

Holmes (Hofer), Joyce (UCBA)

Holthaus, Robert (Eve)

Holtkamp (Hughes), Jane (CECH)

Holtschulte, John (CEAS)

Homoelle, Richard (Eve)

Honroth, William (Bus)

Hoobler, Michael (Eve)

Hopper, Daniel (UCBA)

Hopping, Donna (A&S)

Horton, Albert (Eve)

Horwitz, Martin (A&S)

Hoskins (Stapleton) , Teresa (TCAC)

Hospelhorn (Farley), Marcetta (CECH)

Hosty, Ruth (CECH)

House, Gary (Eve)

Howard, Shirley (CECH)

Howe, Theodore (Bus)

Hsieh, Huey-Yin (A&S)

Hulefeld, James (Bus)

Hull, Arthur (A&S)

Hull, Janet (CECH)

Hulse, Lloyd (A&S)

Humpert, Edwin (UCBA)

Humphrey, Mary (Univ)

Hunter, Joyce (Univ)

Hurst, Joel (DAAP)

Hurwitz, Jeffrey (Bus)

Huss, Sandra (CECH)

Husted, Charles (Bus)

Hutcherson, Marion (Eve)

Ingram, Ruth (Eve)

Irvine, Karla (A&S)

Irwin, Donald (CECH)

Jackman, Butch (CEAS)

Jacobs, Bertram (CECH)

Jacobs, Richard (CEAS)

Jacobs, William (Law)

Jago, John (DAAP)

Jahnigen, Robert (Eve)

James, John (CEAS)

Jang, Hoyle (CEAS)

Jelks, Angela (Univ)

Jenings, Judith (A&S)

Jenkins, Dan (Univ)

Jimison, Jeffery (CCM)

Joesting, Richard (A&S)

Johnson, Dennis (A&S)

Johnson, Eugene (CAHS)

Johnson, Faye (CCM)

Johnson, Melvin (Bus)

Johnson, Richard (CECH)

Johnston, Richard (CEAS)

Jones, David (Univ)

Jones, Donald (Univ)

Jones, Philip (CEAS)

Jones, Richard (Med)

Jones, Timothy (CECH)

Jones, William (CECH)

Jorg, Ronald (Eve)

Kabakoff, Ronald (A&S)

Kaine, John (Eve)

Kaiser, Donald (Univ)

Kapp, Robert (Eve)

Kardos, Bela (Eve)

Karpinski, Donald (A&S)

Karras, Nicholas (Univ)

Kastner, Howard (Pharm)

Kathmann, Raymond (UCBA)

Kazura, Raymond (Eve)

Keenan, Frank (CEAS)

Keith, Robert (CECH)

Kelley, Donald (CEAS)

Kelly, Marvin (Eve)

Kelsch (Schoetting), Pamela (CECH)

Kempner, Mark (DAAP)

Kendall, John (Eve)

Kennedy, Charlene (Univ)

Kennedy, William (CECH)

Kenyhercz, Thomas (A&S)

Kercsmar, David (Eve)

Kersey, Charles (Bus)

Kesse, James (Bus)

Kessen, Thomas (CECH)

Kidwell, Sue (CECH)

Kilcoyne, James (Law)

Kinane, Daniel (Law)

Kingsbery, William (DAAP)

Kirkwood (Hoffman), Linda (CECH)

Klapp (North), Deborah (Pharm)

Klein, Paul (Bus)

Kling, Allan (DAAP)

Klonne, Dennis (A&S)

Knabe, Thomas (Bus)

Knapp, Ross (CCM)

Kneidl, Theodore (Bus)

Knight, James (Eve)

Knose, Dennis (Eve)

Knotts, Lee (DAAP)

Knox, Garrie (TCAC)

Knu(Eve)n, L. Donald (Bus)

Koch, Kathy (UCBA)

Koewler, Louis (Bus)

Kohn, William (Bus)

Konter, Kenneth (CEAS)

Kothari, Atul (CEAS)

Kowatsch, Frank (Bus)

Kraeft, Carl (Bus)

Kramer, Jerome (Eve)

Krummen, Richard (Univ)

Kruse, William (CECH)

Kuether, Roger (CEAS)

Kump, William (A&S)

Kuwada, Shigeyuki (A&S)

Kuyper, Mary (CECH)

Lainhart, Floyd (Eve)

Lamb (Carter), Shirley (CECH)

Lambert, Walter (Eve)

Landers, Jerome (Univ)

Landi, Louis (DAAP)

Landwehr, William (A&S)

Langford, Robert (UCBA)

Langhammer, David (A&S)

Lantry, Lois (CECH)

Larmann, Magdalene (CECH)

Lattimore, Sandra (CECH)

Laughlin (Duncan), Gay (A&S)

Laumann, John (CEAS)

(Law)all, Robert (CEAS)

(Law)horn, Ronald (Univ)

Leach, Samuel (CECH)

Ledford, Danny (CECH)

Lee, Conrad (Eve)

Lee, James (A&S)

Lef(Eve)r, Frank (UCBA)

Lentz, Donald (CEAS)

Lentz, Joseph (Univ)

Lesh, Paul (Eve)

Leslie, Mark (Bus)

Lesser, Marc (CAHS)

Lester, Kathryn (CCM)

L(Eve)rtov, Denise, Hon

Levine, James, Hon

Lewis, Mark (Law)

Lewis, Warren (Eve)

Limestahl (Plaskett), B(Eve)rly (Nurs)

Lindholm (Luebke), Anna (CECH)

Linton, William (Eve)

Litzinger, Jerrold (CEAS)

Lobritz, Richard (Med)

Lohstroh, Robert (Univ)

London, Teri (CAHS)

Long, Haskell (Univ)

Long (Gibbs), Laurie (Univ)

Longstreth, Douglas (Univ)

Luban (Shtulman), Susan (CCM)

Luckey, Hugh (CEAS)

Luebkemann (Grell), Ursula (UCBA)

Lushbaugh, Linda (CECH)

Lyons, Anthony (Bus)

Lyons, Elvira (UCBA)

Maddox, Charlotte (CECH)

Madison, Martha (Eve)

Mahaffey (Henderson), Carolyn (CECH)

Maksimovic, Aleksander (DAAP)

Malin, James (CEAS)

Mang, Jim (CEAS)

Marks, John (Eve)

Marnell, Robert (A&S)

Marquart, Mary (CECH)

Marsh, William (CEAS)

Marshall, John (DAAP)

Marshall (Fine), Marlin (CECH)

Martin, Elmer (CEAS)

Martin, Janet (CECH)

Martin, Mark (A&S)

Martin, Robin (A&S)

Mason, William (CECH)

Massa, Merry (CECH)

Mastriani, Anthony (CCM)

Matacia, Anthony (Eve)

Mathews, John (CECH)

Matteoli, William (Eve)

Matthews (Hunt), Ginger (A&S)

Matthis, Marlyn (CECH)

Maura, Arthur (CAHS)

Maushart, Neil (Univ)

Mayer, John (Bus)

Mayer-Martin (Mayer), Donna (CCM)

Mazer, Terrence (CEAS)

McConnell, Terrance (Law)

McCreary, Shirley (Univ)

McCullough, James (CECH)

McFarland, Gary (CEAS)

McGeorge, Terry (Eve)

McGinnis, Mary (CECH)

McGrath, Patrick (Bus)

McIntire, Sarah (A&S)

McKenna, James (CECH)

McLaughlin, John (CECH)

McMahon, Richard (A&S)

McManama, Myrtle (CECH)

McMillian, Terry (CECH)

McNaul, Gregory (Bus)

McNeal, Daniel (CEAS)

McVay, Kenneth (A&S)

Mecheau, Leroy (CECH)

Meckelfresh (Fogle), Blanche (CECH)

Meckstroth, Kathleen (A&S)

Meehan, Wesley (Eve)

Meeker, Dennis (CECH)

Meeker (Baus), Laverne (CAHS)

Mehlhorn, Douglas (CEAS)

Meiners, George (Eve)

Meismer, Donald (A&S)

Menard, William (A&S)

Mendelsohn, St(Eve) (Bus)

Mendenhall, Debbie (Univ)

Mengelkamp, John (A&S)

Menninger, Karl (Univ)

Merse, Harold (Pharm)

Messer, William (Bus)

Meszaros, Joseph (Univ)

Metcalfe (Schick), Rita (CECH)

Metz, William (Bus)

Meyer, Charles (Med)

Meyer, Edward (Eve)

Meyer, Harry (A&S)

Meyer, Mary (A&S)

Micco, David (A&S)

Michel, David (Bus)

Michels, John (CECH)

Michelson, Michael (A&S)

Mick, Douglas (CECH)

Miller, Charles (DAAP)

Miller (Watkins), Connie (CAHS)

Miller, Robert (Law)

Miller, William (Eve)

Milton, Minnie (Eve)

Mims (Hensley), Laura (CECH)

Minardi, John (CEAS)

Mitchell, Gary (CEAS)

Mitchell, Michael (DAAP)

Mjelde (Burstein), Bonnie (Univ)

Moll, Michael (Eve)

Mongon, George (Bus)

Moody (Hamilton), Corinne (Eve)

Moody, Johanna (UCBA)

Moores, Lewis (A&S)

Moorstein, Ronald (CECH)

Moreno, Ruben (DAAP)

Morgan, Robert (Univ)

Morrissey, Louis (Bus)

Moseley (Dunlap), Farris (CECH)

Moss, James (Bus)

Mueller, Robert (Eve)

Mukasa, Peter (Eve)

Mullenix, Melvin (A&S)

Mullins, Arthur (A&S)

Murdock (Crews), Frances (CECH)

Murphy, Dennis (Univ)

Murray, John (Eve)

Myers (Schameus), Betty (Eve)

Nagel, Robert (A&S)

Nassauer, George (CAHS)

Neal (Adams), Barbara (UCBA)

Neal, Mary (Bus)

Neill (Eve)rett (CCM)

Nelson (Rice), Eugenia (Bus)

Nessler, Gerald (CEAS)

Neuffer (Garner), Celeste (CECH)

Newman, Eugene (Bus)

Newman, Gilbert (Eve)

Newton (Lamb), Annetta (CEAS)

Nicholas, Lucas (A&S)

Nichols, Ralph (Univ)

Niederhelman, Larry (A&S, CECH)

Niehoff (Nebolsky), Mollie (CECH)

Niemeyer (Bradley), Jean (DAAP)

Nienaber, James (CECH)

Nigl, Alfred (A&S)

Nimmo, William (A&S)

Nirschl, Ronald (A&S, CECH)

Noble, Novella (CECH)

Noe, Daniel (Bus)

Norfolk, David (CECH)

Novello, Frank (Univ)

November, Debra (Univ)

Nurre (Law)rence (Bus)

Nusekabel, Kevin (CECH)

Oaks, Gerald (CECH)

O'Bryan, Judith (CECH)

O'Dell, Milton (DAAP)

O'Hara, Roslyn (Univ)

Olds, John (DAAP)

Oliver, James (Bus)

O'Malley, Danny (Eve)

Oosting, Timothy (DAAP)

Osswald, Gary (CEAS)

Ouimette, Eugene (DAAP)

Pace, Mark (Bus)

Padgett, Morris (Bus)

Painter, Randall (UCBA)

Palmer, Mary (CECH)

Palo, Karl (A&S)

Pandorf, Donna (Univ)

Paniyiris, Criton (A&S)

Panter, Gary (Eve)

Paolo, Donald (UCBA)

Pasley, William (Eve)

Pass (Petry), Ann (Nurs)

Patton, Charles (A&S)

Patton, Wanda (CECH)

Pearl, Elaine (CAHS)

Penfield, William (Bus)

Perdikakis, Nicholas (Eve)

Perry, Thomas (Eve)

Petraglia, William (Univ)

Petrovic, Constantine (CEAS)

Petry, Donald (Eve)

Pettigrew, James (Bus)

Pettus (Lahley), Mary (CECH)

Pflanzer, Richard (Eve)

Pharo, Jerry (Eve)

Pharo, Mary (Eve)

Phillips (Davis), Sheila (Univ)

Philpott, Jeffrey (A&S)

Planitz, Arthur (CECH)

Podesta, John (Law)

Poliksa, Catherine (A&S)

Pond, Larry (DAAP)

Ponder, Truman (Eve)

Pope, Frances (Univ)

Popinski, Zenon (CEAS)

Poston, Charles (CECH)

Powell, Chris (CEAS)

Powell, Robert (UCBA)

Preyar, Chester (CECH)

Price, Edgar (Eve)

Price (Poston), Eleanor (Univ)

Price (Powell), Martha (CECH)

Price (Butler), Monie (Univ)

Prince (Brockway), Deborah (Nurs)

Proctor (Vogel), David (A&S)

Pursley (Burnett), Virginia (Eve)

Quallich, Leonard (Med)

Rafuse, Peter (DAAP)

Rahe, Thomas (CEAS)

Ranck (Bainter), Carol (CCM)

Ransberg (Donohue), Susan (CAHS)

Ratliff, William (CCM)

Ravindran, Srinivasan (Bus)

Ray, Jacob (Law)

Reagan, Michael (Eve)

Recchie, James (Law)

Reckman (Franklin), Ken (CAHS)

Redmond (Koch), Esther (CECH)

Reed, Addie (CECH)

Reed (Shemwell), Linda (A&S)

Reed, Lorraine (UCBA)

Reid, Larry (TCAC)

Reid (Fuller), Lucinda (CECH)

Reinhart, David (A&S)

Renner, Robert (CEAS)

Renner, Thomas (CECH)

Resetarits, John (Bus)

Rettig, Paul (Bus)

Rhoads, Gregory (DAAP)

Richards, Constance (A&S)

Richardson, James (Eve)

Richter (Law)rence (DAAP)

Richtmyer, Charles (Eve)

Riddle (Bloom), Margaret (Eve)

Riechers, Charles (Eve)

Rieger, Dennis (A&S)

Riehl (Voss), Eileen (A&S)

Riley, Clarence (CEAS)

Riley, James (Bus)

Rinaldo, Donald (Univ)

Rinsky, Lee (CECH)

Robers, Gary (Univ)

Roberts, Donald (A&S)

Roberts, Roy (DAAP)

Robinson, Dencie (UCBA)

Robinson (Henderson), Mary (Univ)

Roda, John (Eve)

Rohrbacher, Richard (CECH)

Roland (Buffalino), Catherine (CECH)

Roler, Gail (Univ)

Romer, Justine (CECH)

Romito, Richard (Bus)

Rose (Weinstein), Shelley (A&S)

Rosenthal, St(Eve) (Med)

Ross (Evans), Carol (Univ)

Ross, James (CEAS)

Roth, Michael (Univ)

Roth, Yale (Bus)

Rouse, Paul (Eve)

Roush, John (CCM)

Rowland, Myron (Bus)

Royalty, Richard (CECH)

Royce, James (TCAC)

Rozon, Edla (Nurs)

Ruebel, Richard (Law)

Ruehl, Gilbert (Univ)

Rupert, Roy (UCBA)

Rush, Carl (A&S)

Russo, Christopher (A&S)

Ruthen, John (CEAS)

Sala, Robert (DAAP)

Salmen, Robert (CEAS)

Salotto, B. Vincent (CEAS)

Sams, Geneva (Univ)

Samuel, David (Bus)

Sand, Louis (Eve)

Sangl, Rudolf (Bus)

Savage, Jerry (TCAC)

Sawyer, Martha (UCBA)

Sberna, Joseph (A&S)

Scanlon, Geoffrey (Eve)

Schaefer, Daniel (CEAS)

Schaim, Ross (UCBA)

Schaub, David (CCM)

Scheiderer, Stephen (Bus)

Schinaman (Worley), Barbara (CECH)

Schmidt, Frederic (CCM)

Schneder, John (Eve)

Schneider, Cathy (A&S)

Schneider (Stofle), Mary (CECH)

Schneider, Philip (Pharm)

Schneider (Lindholm), Victoria (CCM)

Schneiderman, Richard (DAAP)

Schuler, Robert (Eve)

Schultz, R (CEAS)

Schupp, Richard (CEAS)

Schuster, John (Bus)

Schutte, Stephen (Law)

Schwarberg (Sylvia), Helene (CECH)

Schwarberg, Isabelle (DAAP)

Schwarz, James (Bus)

Scott, Willie (Eve)

Scripps, C. Locke (Bus)

Sehlmeyer, Randy (Univ)

Seidner, Herbert (DAAP)

Seifert, Geraldine (CECH)

Sellers, David (A&S)

Sellers, Neal (A&S)

Selmeier (Redman) , Leslie (A&S)

Senner (Browning) , David (CECH)

Sergent, Sarah (CECH)

Setty (Kathmann) , Sylvia (A&S)

Sexton, Ronald (Bus)

Shafer, Joan (CECH)

Shafer (Green), Mary (UCBA)

Shallat, St(Eve)n (Bus)

Shapiro (Pyne), Eileen (CECH)

Sharp, Donald (Eve)

Sharpe (Rogers), Valorie (CECH)

Shaw, G. (Eve)

Shelton, David (A&S)

Shepherd, Gayle (CECH)

Sherer, Katherine (Univ)

Sherman, Robert (A&S)

Shipp, Carl (CECH)

Shultz, Robert (CEAS)

Siller, Frederick (CEAS)

Silver (Roberts), Paula (CAHS)

Simi, Randolph (Law)

Simmons, Jack (CCM)

Simms, William (Eve)

Singh, Bawa (Bus)

Singletary, James (Pharm)

Singleton, John (CEAS)

Skrocki (Brown), Patricia (CECH)

Smallwood, Donald (Eve)

Smith (Volz), Barbara (A&S)

Smith, Clifton (Univ)

Smith, Danny (CEAS)

Smith, Ernest (Univ)

Smith, Flora (CECH)

Smith, Helen (CECH)

Smith, Herbert (Eve)

Smith, Maude (CECH)

Smith, Robert (A&S)

Snyder, Phyllis (Eve)

Soltau, Hans (Law)

Souder, Hershel (Bus)

Southall, Helen (Univ)

Spaccarelli, David (Pharm)

Spaulding, Charles (CECH)

Spector, Cheryl (CECH)

Spencer, Louis (Bus)

Spickard, Albert (A&S)

Spievack (Carder), Paula (A&S)

Spinelli (Law)rence (CEAS)

Spitzmiller, George (Bus)

Spore, Barry (Med)

Sporrer, Richard (CEAS)

Springer (King), Jo (CECH)

Sprunger, Arlo (DAAP)

Spurlock, Russell (Bus)

Stafford, Gregory (Bus)

Staggenborg, Robert (A&S)

Staigl, Tedmund (A&S)

Stalnaker, Louise (CECH)

Stamcoff, Thomas (Bus)

Stamps, Leroy (Bus)

Stange, Donald (Eve)

Stapleton, Ronald (Bus)

Stargardt (Conner), Mary (A&S)

Stark, John (CEAS)

Starkey (Tompkins), Lynn (Nurs)

Stavick, Margaret (Law)

Steimle, Kenneth (Bus)

Stephens, Alma (CECH)

Stepp, Elvin (CEAS)

St(Eve)nson, James (CECH)

Stewart, Raymond (Eve)

Stith (Graber), Marian (Eve)

Stitts, Michael (Pharm)

Stoehr, Gilbert (CECH)

Stokes, Orien (Univ)

Stoll, Robert (Univ)

Stone (Lukes), Stephanie (CCM)

Storch (Mattie), B(Eve)rly (CECH)

Stratton, Thomas (Eve)

Strefelt, Cliff (CECH)

Stroup, William (Bus)

Struck (Derrick), Irma (CECH)

Stryker, Mary (Univ)

Stuebing (Maddox), Diane (Bus)

Stuhmiller, James (A&S)

Suer, Amy (DAAP)

Sullivan, Sheila (DAAP)

Sutter (Beatty), Jean (CCM)

Sutton (Rhodes), Katherine (A&S)

Tabeling, Dorothy (CECH)

Tadkod, Moha(Med) (CECH)

Tatum, Delores (CECH)

Teets, Mark (A&S)

Tegenkamp, John (A&S)

Teichman (Leubitz), Phyllis (CECH)

Tenbosch, Gerald (CAHS)

Terrell, Larry (CECH)

Thatcher, Charles (TCAC)

Theobald, Peter (A&S)

Theodoru, Edward (A&S)

Thernes, Frank (Eve)

Theuerling, Charles (Bus)

Thomas, Carolyn (CECH)

Thomas, Donald (Eve)

Thomas, James (A&S)

Thompson (Conlon), Cecilia (CECH)

Thompson, Gloria (CECH)

Thompson, James (Eve)

Thompson, John (A&S)

Thompson, Richard (Univ)

Thompson, Thorman (UCBA)

Tiano (Tanzer), Phyllis (CECH)

Timp, John (Bus)

Todd (Tvrdy), Elizabeth (Eve)

Todd, Howard (A&S)

Tomko, Michael (CECH)

Tooper, Virginia (CECH)

Torbert, Oscar (UCBA)

Townsend, Emma (CECH)

Transier, Peggy (Eve)

Trascik, Tom (Univ)

Travis, William (Med)

Tribble, Philip (Univ)

Trifilio, John (Eve)

Troth, Mary (CECH)

Trufant (Tuttle), Worthy (DAAP)

Tsung, Pei-Nan (A&S)

Tucker, Thomas (Bus)

Turner, Larry (Eve)

Tweddle (Fowler), Emily (Univ)

Valines, Henry (CECH)

VanBergen, Robert (Med)

Vanlandingham (Lehr), Deborah (Nurs)

VanLehn, David (CEAS)

Vaught, Michael (A&S)

Vearil, Wayne (Eve)

Venneman (Quantz), B(Eve)rly (A&S)

Virgil, Maynard (CEAS)

Vishnevsky, Boris (A&S)

Vogel, Edwin (CEAS)

Vogel, Herbert (CECH)

Vogel, Richard (Eve)

Vogelgesang (Wagoner), Deborah (Univ)

Vogelgesang, Gary (A&S)

Vonderhaar, John (Eve)

Voris (Weichold), Martha (Eve)

Voynovich, Daniel (Eve)

Wagner, David (Bus)

Wagner, Paul (Bus)

Wainscott, Ronald (Eve)

Wakefield, David (Eve)

Walden, Jeffrey (Eve)

Walker, Gary (Bus)

Walker, William (Eve)

Wall, Mark (Law)

Walsh, William (Eve)

Walters (Sullivan), Sharon (CECH)

Ward, Helen (Univ)

Ware, Frances (UCBA)

Ware, Richard (Univ)

Warren, Paul (CECH)

Watson, John (Eve)

Watson, Langley (Univ)

Watters (Keller), Barbara (Univ)

Watts, Michael (A&S)

Weisel, Toni (CECH)

Weiss, Terry (Med)

Welch, Matthew (CEAS)

Wellbrock, Gerald (CECH)

Wells, Coye (Bus)

Wells, Marianna (Eve)

Wells, Timothy (Eve)

Westerman, Jack (Bus)

Westphal, William (CEAS)

Wethington, Douglas (UCBA)

Whalen, Mary (CECH)

Wheeler, Mary (A&S)

Whetstone (Boyer), Sandra (CECH)

White (Uvaas), Lina (CECH)

White, Robert (Eve)

Wickemeyer (Bass), Katherine (Bus)

Widmer, Ralph (Eve)

Wike, Paul (CEAS)

Wikoff, Elizabeth (Eve)

Wilder, Carol (CECH)

Wiles, Odell (CAHS)

Wilkin, Helene (CECH)

Wilkinson, Robert (Univ)

Williams, Carl (Eve)

Williams, James (Eve)

Williams, Kathryn (CECH)

Williamson, Lon (A&S)

Williamson, Paul (CECH)

Wilson (Ruth), Glenda (A&S, CECH)

Wilson, Jessie (TCAC)

Wilson, Robert (CECH)

Wilson (Nash), Shirley (CECH)

Winterhalter, Frederick (Eve)

Winterhalter (Kohstall), Sylvia (CECH)

Wohler, Andrew (Bus)

Woida, James (UCBA)

Wolfe, Richard (CEAS)

Wood, Barry (DAAP)

Woods, Eugene (CAHS)

Wooten, Alvin (A&S)

Woroncow, Peter (Eve)

Worth, William (DAAP)

Wright, Gary (A&S)

Wyatt, Kenneth (Eve)

Yablon (Drogy), Patricia (CECH)

Yablonsky, Jack (A&S)

Yarngo, Edwin (A&S)

Yetzer, Donald (Eve)

Yockey (Lowery), Catherine (Nurs)

York, Kenneth (Bus)

Young, Robert (Eve)

Yu, Luis (A&S)

Yunker, John (Eve)

Zander, Christine (Univ)

Zarider (Fox), Shirley (A&S)

Zembrodt, David (Bus)

Zimmerman (Clark), Martha (Univ)

Zinam (Dittilo), Ida (A&S)

Zinser, Rudolph (Eve)

Zoeller, James (CECH)

Zucaro, Anthony (CECH)