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UCLAN News - Fall 2018

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Greetings Bearcats!

It is, truly, a great privilege to greet you as the inaugural chair of the University of Cincinnati Latino Alumni Network (UCLAN)! After graduating generations of Latino students, I am incredibly proud to say that we now have a mechanism to connect with other graduates, current Latino students, and our alma mater as a whole.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and leadership of the UC Alumni Association for working with us to create this network that will be a vital part of the alumni community. I would also like to thank Gloria Forsythe (A&S ’95) for serving as the inaugural co-chair of the UC Latino Alumni network. Lastly, a big thank you to more than a dozen other alumni who have helped us build and shape this group to what it is and will be in the future.

As alumni we have the opportunity to give back to UC, and giving back isn’t always monetary: it can be volunteering, becoming a mentor, or even giving a guest lecture in a classroom. Representation matters and now we have solidified our position in helping to create an inclusive environment for Latino alumni to contribute to the university and community. While this year will be focused on outreach and engagement with Latino alumni, we are confident that our work today will lead to future initiatives that will have a direct impact on our students, such as scholarships and professional development. And we’re going to have a lot of fun doing it!

If you have any questions on our new network or how to get involved, please reach out to Justin Gibson, Associate Director for Diversity Outreach and Engagement or call (513) 556-4312

Go Bearcats!

Princesa Rabinovich, Bus ’11

Chair, UC Latino Alumni Network

This summer, Latino alumni partnered with the UC Alumni Association to establish the UC Latino Alumni Network. The purpose of the group will be to create pathways to engagement for our Latino alumni in Cincinnati and all over the world. The network will also support the mission of the university, while supporting Latino/Hispanic students who are currently attending and aspiring to be a Bearcat.

Join the network volunteers, UCAA leadership, and other volunteers on Thursday, November 8 as we commemorate this special occasion. Your registration will include hors d’eouvres, drinks, and a short program featuring a few of the people who have contributed to this efforts. 

UC and the UC Foundation are always looking for talent that will help elevate our alma mater. The University of Cincinnati hires faculty and staff to support our students and operations of the institution. As we strive for excellence, we serve the people of community as a premier public, urban research University.

UC Foundation is the private sector fund-raising entity for the University of Cincinnati and UC Health. The Foundation is charged to encourage philanthropy for UC and UC Health and to secure and steward contributions in support of their education, research and service goals.

To view opportunities that are currently open, please browse the openings at the University of Cincinnati and the UC Foundation, respectively.

Name: Lisette Martinez

UC College and Grad Year: Linder College of Business, 1996

Title, Employer: Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Yale New Haven Health System

Current city of residence: New Haven, CT

Campus Involvement: Founding member of Latinos En Accìon, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Omicron Chapter; ADVANCE

What led you to attend the University of Cincinnati?

I wanted to stay close to home in Cincinnati, and UC was the best choice.

For most of your career, you have been working in the diversity and inclusion space. Why is that work so important to you?

The work of diversity and inclusion is incredibly important for everyone no matter who you are. My work relies on the foundation of building relationships and breaking down the barriers of the unknown so that we can work past the fears of our differences and look to the commonalities that bind us together.

How do we break down barriers? Whatever that barrier is… This is the question I ask myself in developing tools and metrics of inclusion. In the healthcare industry I have changed the way we think about diversity and inclusion and put in place a strategy that looks at this work in an operational view. Specifically, we work to create inclusion tactics in four strategic areas: Marketing and Communication, Workforce Development, Patient Experience, and Supplier Diversity. It takes commitment and engagement to prioritize Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and make them a part of our culture.

According to census projections, Latinos will make up approximately 20% of the U.S. population in 2020, but less than 2% of executive leadership in American companies. How can we begin positioning ourselves for C-suite opportunities?

Once you have graduated and begun your career, it is all about the work, relationships and consistency to get you to the next level. I always say, “If you want it… Ask for it!” Never be afraid to let your manager know what your aspirations are and ask for ways to build your skills to get you to where you want to go. And dress for the position you want, not for the position you have.

The work you do should be aligned with your future goals. Staying on top of your work content will help you stay current and always ready for your next move. Take the initiative to reach out to folks in the roles you aspire to, and ask for mentorship. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and push you to get to the next level.

What advice would you give freshmen who are just starting their college experience?

Stay focused on the work for your major, but have fun too. It is important to stay on top of your studies and earn great marks, but also socialize and begin to build your network now. If you do not know what you want to do yet, don’t worry about that either. UC has a great resource called Experience-Based Learning and Career Education that will help guide and advise you about various fields. They will help you with your resume, networking skills and even how to interview. They were a great help for me when I was in the Business College; and they even helped me secure my very first job at the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in their Media Relations Department. It was the best job I could have had for my first professional position. This role even led me to work in Atlanta at the City of Coke in 1996, again in Media Relations, to work on the Olympics planning team.

Outside of your studies and other obligations, where was your favorite place to hang out on or around campus?

My favorite hangout was a night club called Prime Time. It no longer exists but it sure was a lot of fun. I also enjoyed hanging out at Jupiter’s because I loved to shoot pool – and still do.

Name: Annabel Meleàn

UC College, Major, and Anticipated Grad Year: Arts & Sciences, majoring in Political Science with certificates in Legal Studies and Business Spanish; Graduating in April 2018

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

What students group do you participate in?

President of Latinos en Accìon

Why did you choose to attend UC?

I saw promising growth in diversity and culture for Latino students. I just felt at home.

What are your career goals?

The inspiration behind my career goals is to be a voice of advocacy for Latino initiatives in government, because Latinos deserve more representation and a seat at the table. My career goals would be to work for the Hispanic Caucus in Washington, D.C. I am also looking into opportunities with television broadcasting networks.

What makes you proudest to be a Bearcat?

I am proud to be a part of the 3.7 percent of Hispanic Bearcats striving to make a positive impact on our campus and in our communities. In the future, I know this number will grow, because the Latino voice is absolutely critical during our conversations of diversity and inclusion.