CCM Love Stories

All You Need Is Love (Story)

CCM Love Stories
CCM Love Stories

First glances. Passing notes in class. Studying together for the big exam. Sound familiar?

If you met your significant other while attending the University of Cincinnati, these may be some of the earliest and most enduring moments you remember and share when you tell your personal love story. You may have met during freshman orientation, while asking for directions on campus, or that one time you had to take an astronomy elective. These stories are drenched in red and black, from football tailgates to studio or lab late-nights to Friday night parties.

CCM Stories

Your meet-cute is one of 27,000 #UCLove stories. And we’ve got to know more.

This Valentine’s Day, the College-Conservatory of Music and University of Cincinnati Alumni Association want to celebrate your unique story with an afternoon of music and memories. Fill out this form and your love story could be featured on our website or in our printed materials.