Lindner College of Business Alumni Council Grant Program

The Lindner College of Business Alumni Council is proud to present a new grant process for the 2020-21 academic year. Funds are raised each year through the annual Cincinnati Business Achievement Awards event hosted by the Council to support student scholarships and programming activities. The Council established the below guidelines to facilitate the selection process.

Access the grant application at the bottom of this page.

  • Only Lindner College of Business students, faculty or staff are eligible to apply.
  • The purpose or mission of the department, program or group must be tied to the Lindner College of Business.   
  • Student organizations must be recognized by the Student Activities & Leadership Development Office.
  • If a student organization, you must have an official checking account with PNC Bank. If you do not, you must be eligible and willing to open one through SALD.
  •  You must complete the online grant application by the posted deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • NOTE: Organizations that already received scholarship funds for the FY21 year are not eligible to receive additional grant money. These include; Kolodzik Business Scholars, Circle of Excellence, Lindner Honors PLUS, Business Fellows, & Lindner Women in Business.
  • The Lindner College of Business Alumni Council will review all applications electronically and make final recommendations via an online voting system.
  • More than one programming event/activity can be included in each proposal but cannot exceed the maximum amount.
  • The maximum amount an organization can receive is $2,000 annually.
  •  Programming must take place during the 2020-21 academic year.
  • The organization agrees to submit an activity report within 30 days of utilizing the funds. The activity report will be attached to the decision notice. If an organization does not comply future applications will not be considered.
  •  If your event is canceled for any reason you will have the opportunity to propose a new use for the funds. If an alternative plan is not available you forfeit funding.
  •  Promotional items will not be considered for grant funding
  •  Professional development conferences or workshops that only benefit one student
  •  Professional development conference or workshops for faculty and staff
  • Study Abroad programming that only impacts one student
  •  Meals or refreshments for regular meetings


Online Application Launches


Application Closes


LAC members receive application materials for review


Deadline for LAC members to submit application scores online


Executive Committee will compile results and draft grant recommendations based on scores


Special virtual meeting to review grant recommendations


Grant recipients will be notified


Deadline for grant recipients to accept funds