Class of 1995

Class of 1995

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Bradley R. Allen, MD

Bradley Allen’s specialty is in Emergency Medicine. He is Licking Memorial Hospital Newark, OH EM Attending/Nocturnist, and Metro Health Medical Center Cleveland OH Flight Physician. He is still doing some education for EM residency but not working on site. According to Dr. Allen, he is enjoying travelling in the winter, boating in the summer and grandkids year-round. They keep their boat on Lake Erie at the Cedar Point Marina. If you are in the area on a summer weekend, give him a call- There is a 50-60% chance they will be there. Dr. Allen has received the following awards/honors/distinctions: EM Educator of the year with the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Adena/Ohio University in Chillicothe (2016).

John S. Anthony, MD

John Anthony’s specialty is in Dermatology. He is the Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology Section Head Occupation Dermatology. According to Dr. Anthony, their family has been immersed in a combination of high school swimming, boy scouts, and driving classes. In their spare time they tend to find themselves on high-adventure boy scout trips. Dr. Anthony has received the following awards/honors/distinctions: Weatherhead School of Business, Case Western Reserve University MBA (2017).

Joseph Assenmacher, MD

Joseph Assenmacher’s specialty is in Orthopaedic Surgery. He is currently Chief of Staff at Bay Park Hospital.

Steven D. Bartz, MD, RPh

Steven Bartz’s specialty is in Family Medicine/Geriatrics. He is currently medically retired from Medical College of Wisconsin Dept. of Family and Community Medicine. According to Dr. Bartz, he retired in 2017 due to cancer reoccurrence. Dr. Bartz has received the following awards/honors/distinctions: President- Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians (2018-2019).

David E. DeLaet, MD

David DeLaet’s specialty is in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics. He is Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics. According to Dr. DeLaet, Jack is a senior and Allison is a junior in high school. Both are looking forward to college and exploring life outside of the New York City area. Having spent seemingly every weekend for the last 12 years at one ice skating rink or another watching ice hockey games and synchronized skating competitions, he and Rebecca are also eager for Jack and Allison to begin their explorations. Jack will be graduating from Mamaroneck High School in June and then enrolling at Miami University in August. Allison is currently a junior at MHS and a member of Team USA Synchronized Skating through the US Figure Skating Academy. Dr. DeLaet has received the following awards/honors/distinctions: Appointed Vice Chair of the Board for Miami University Mallory-Wilson Center for Premedical Education.

K. William Kumler, MD

K. William Kumler’s specialty is in Orthopaedic Surgery. According to Dr. Kumler, he moved back to Central Ohio region to be near family and continue to practice in rural setting similar to their Kentucky experience. Their "children" are preparing to launch off to college and beyond!

Ellen K. Kumler, MD

Ellen Kumler’s specialty is in Pediatrics. According to Dr. Kumler, her and Bill are happy to be back in Ohio closer to family. Her career since leaving the UC Navy in 2000 has included general pediatrics and public health work. Feel blessed to work with a wonderful team at Superior Med to care for their patients and families in Cambridge, Ohio.

Susan O. Kushman, MD

Susan Kushman’s specialty is in Emergency Medicine. She was a Physician with St. Elizabeth's Physicians, retired after 18 years in Emergency Medicine. Now working in the Patrick T. Birrer Wound Care Center at St. Elizabeth in Northern Kentucky. According to Dr. Kushman, she retired after 18 years in Emergency Medicine and is now working in Wound Care which has been a wonderful retirement job! Their daughter Sophie is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University and is a double major in neuroscience/premed and music (violin). John is now a junior in high school and loves musical theater and cross-country. Her husband, Kevin, works for Integral Analytics, a data science software company focused on the energy industry and is a volunteer co-director of the Blue Manatee Literacy Project in his spare time. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Paul D. Moyer, MD

Paul Moyer’s specialty is in Ophthalmology. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, The Ohio State University.

Christopher B. Peltier, MD

Chris Peltier’s specialty is in Pediatrics. He is affiliated with Pediatric Associates of Mount Caramel, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and Director Community Section Division of General and Community Pediatrics Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. According to Dr. Peltier, he has been practicing general pediatrics at Pediatric Associates of Mount Caramel (as an independent practice on the east side of Cincy) for the past 20 years. He is also an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at CCHMC. He recruits community pediatricians to precept medical students and residents. He is also in charge of faculty development at CCHMC (helping physicians become better teachers). He is very involved in both the Ohio chapter and the National American Academy of Pediatrics and currently serve as the Ohio AAP Vice President. Marla, his wife of 25 years, works as an independent medical biller. They have 2 children: Madison, who is a freshman at Ohio State studying Special Education and Caden who is a freshman at The Seven Hills School.

John M. Reynolds, MD

John Reynolds’ specialty is in Transplant and Pulmonology. He is Duke University Health System Medical Director of Lung Transplant.

Marc A. Richardson, MD

Marc Richardson’s specialty is in Pediatrics. He is affiliated with Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Dennis E. Sands, MD

Dennis Sands’ specialty is in OB/GYN. He is affiliated with O.S.F Health Care, and St. Anthony's Health Center.

Jonathan E. Siff, MD

Jonathan Siff’s specialty is in Emergency Medicine and Clinical Informatics. He is  an Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer at The Metro Health System, and Associate Professor Emergency Medicine at Case Western Reserve University College of Medicine.

Karen P. Stengel, MD

Karen Stengel’s specialty is in Pediatrics. He is Mercy Medical Center Pediatric Emergency Dept and Urgent Care Attending.

Kimberly A. Vacca, MD

Kimberly Vacca’s specialty is in Pediatrics.

Scott M. Wilhelm, MD

Scott Wilhelm’s specialty is in Endocrine Surgery. He is University Hospitals/Cleveland Medical Center Dept. of Surgery Division of Surgical Oncology Section Head Endocrine Surgery. According to Dr. Wilhelm, his wife Jeannie is a vascular surgeon. They are both avid cyclists. Lake Erie is their backyard (Bought their dream house 25 years ago). Dr. Wilhelm has received the following awards/honors/distinctions: promoted to full Professor of Surgery (2020), and Named to Board of Governors- American College of Surgeons. 

Interesting Things in 1995

Fashion in 1995
Fashion 1995
  • Average Cost of new house $113,150.00 
  • Average Income per year $35,900.00 
  • Average Monthly Rent $550.00 
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.09 
  • US Postage Stamp 32 cents 
  • Average cost of new car $15,500.00 
  • Ebay started the online auction and shopping website
  • Windows 95 released by Microsoft
  • The US Space Shuttle Atlantis docks with the Russian Mir space station for the first time
  • An unprecedented heat wave strikes the Midwestern United States Temperatures exceed 104°F in the afternoon for 5 straight days. At least 3000 people die, 750 in Chicago, Illinois alone
  • The New York times and Washington Post publish the Unibombers 35,000 word manifesto.
  • OJ Simpson is found innocent
  • Federal workers were sent home when there is no Money to Pay Federal Workers during budget deadlock
  • The 55 MPH limit imposed during the Middle East Crisis in 1973 / 1974 is ended
  • Major League Baseball players end a 232-day strike 
  • American rock band Grateful Dead announce break up.
  • Supergrass 
  • Deep Blue Something 
  • Weezer 
  • Smashing Pumpkins 
  • Rage Against The Machine 
  • Van Halen 
  • Whitney Houston 
  • Mariah Carey 
  • Alanis Morissette 
  • Madonna 
  • Toy Story first ever wholly computer generated film 
  • Batman Forever 
  • Apollo 13 
  • Pocahontas 
  • Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls 
  • GoldenEye 
  • Casper 
  • Jumanji 
  • Die Hard With a Vengeance 
  • Braveheart 

Top 5 Songs

Richard L. Harover, Jr., MD

Robert Schaal, MD

Peter Shaw, MD

Joseph M. Smith, MD

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Mark Osborne

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