Class of 1960

Class of 1960

Welcome, UCCOM Class of 1960! We hope you enjoy exploring this specially-created website to celebrate you, our loyal MedCats.  Reminisce and remember your time at the College, and years beyond, while catching up and connecting with your classmates. 

Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane!  

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Class of 1960 Composite

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Dean Stern with Dr. Phair

Dean Stern with Dr. Phair

Davis Hopper

Davis Hopper

1960's Class Reunion in 2010

1960's Class Reunion in 2010

50-Year class procession

50-Year class procession

50-Year class procession

50-Year class procession

Dr. Yamaguchi and Dr. Hinrich

Dr. Yamaguchi and Dr. Hinrich

Updates from Your Classmates

Are you curious about what the Class of 1960 has been up to since graduation? Check out the class notes section below to get caught up!

Hillard K. Cohen, MD
Hillard Cohen’s specialty is in Internal Medicine. He is currently retired from his solo practice in Internal Medicine for 53 years.

John V. Custer, MD
John Custer’s specialty is in Family Medicine.

Michael L. McCann, MD
Michael McCann’s specialty is in Pediatric Immunology. He is currently retired from Kaiser Division of the Cleveland Clinic. According to Dr. McCann, after practicing general pediatrics and neonatology in Madison, WI he decided he had found the cure for Crohn's and Colitis so he took a fellowship in Florida at USF with Dr. Robert A. Good and he is presently writing a book about that experience. Dr. McCann has received the following awards/honors/distinctions: Businessman of the year Middleton Wisconsin 1980, and Founder of the Middleton High School Hockey team 1981.

Harold I. Nadel, MD
Harold Nadel’s specialty is in Radiology. He is currently retired.

Ben T. Yamaguchi, Jr., MD
Ben Yamaguchi’s specialty is in Pathology. 

Interesting Things in 1960

Men and women's fashion 1960s
  • Average Cost of a new house $12,700.00
  • Average Cost of a new car $2,600.00
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas, 25 cents
  • A loaf of bread 20 cents 
  • 23-inch Television $219.95
  • The US Enters Vietnam War, The IRA starts its fight against the British 
  • John F Kennedy wins presidential Election  
  • Chubby Checker and the twist starts a new dance craze 
  • Aluminum Cans used for the first time, 
  • Xerox introduces the first photocopier 
  • Lady Chatterley's Lover goes on sale in England 32 years after it was banned 
  • Coronation Street Soap premieres on ITV in the UK, 
  • The Flintstones premiers 
  • Rawhide 
  • The Etch A Sketch is introduced for $2.99 manufactured by Ohio Art Company
  • Elvis Presley 
  • Brenda Lee
  • Chubby Checker
  • Ray Charles
  • Lawrence Welk
  • Spartacus
  • Psycho
  • Exodus
  • Swiss Family Robinson
  • The Alamo

Top 5 Songs

Virginia L. Beamer

Richard P. Behrendt, MD

Donald E. Boye, MD

David C. Boyle

David J. Brecount, MD

Jack A. Brucher, MD

Frank W. Cianciolo, MD

Ronald Drasnin, MD

Grant M. Duncan, MD

Colonel James M. Feltis, Jr.

Albert P. Fischer, Jr., MD

Edmund J. Gaffney, MD

Keith R. Gaspich, MD

James A. Goldey, MD

John S. Hagen III, MD

Edwin L. Helfman, MD

Max R. Hickman, MD

John A. Huesing, MD

Theodore L. Johnson, MD

Karl W. Kitzmiller, MD

Lawrence R. Koehler, MD

Raymond J. Lipicky, MD

Gordon K. MacLeod, Jr., MD

Garvin H. McClain, MD

Mario F. Moretti, MD

Dix R. Morgan, MD

Alfred R. Neruda

Lee S. Newman

Arthur H. Osborne, MD

Donald M. Patchin, MD

Myron T. Potter II, MD

Richard N. Puls, MD

James W. Ratcliff, MD

Mildred E. Robertson

Alan M. Schwalb, MD

Stanton G. Schwartz, MD

Joseph A. Sebastian, MD

Margery R. Sper, MD

John R. Sper, MD

Earl L. Spiegel, MD

Charles H. Steinmetz, MD

Juan C. Vollenweider, MD

Robert S. Wilkes, MD

Headshot of Mark Osborne

Mark Osborne

Program Director of Alumni & Donor Experience, College of Arts and Sciences